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Cotton Candy Machine

(50 Servings)

Our cotton candy machine is easy to operate. The bubble top and cotton candy holder (holds 8 cones) are included in the rental price.

$10.00 / Addl 50


Chilli Cheese Machine

(40 Servings)

Have nacho chips and warm nacho cheese available for your guests to snack on. For an additional charge, serve warm chilli with the nacho cheese and nachochips.

$10.00 / Addl 50


Popcorn Machine

(40 Servings)

Let the aroma of freshly popped popcorn entice your guests at your next party. This machine can be rented all year round for all your party needs.

$10.00 / Addl 50


Sno Kone Machine

(40 Servings)

Don’t let the summer heat ruin your party. Offer your guests a cool and refreshing sno cone. You can even use this machine to crush the ice for your favorite frozen beverage.

 $4.00 / Addl 15


Hot Dog Machine

Enjoy the wonderful aroma of an American classic. The hot dog machine is sure to be a hit at any event.


Ice Cream Cart

Everyone loves to have ice cream at their party but some may not have enough freezer space or would rather not run in and out of the house. This Freezer cart solves those problems! 


Guitar/ Mic Input

Car charger 

Fm Radio

Usb Port

- Bluetooth/ NFC

- 36 Hour Play Back 

- 60 Watt OMNI Directional 

Rockin' Roller Portable

Wireless Speaker



A generator can be provided for an additional cost.


Party Barrels


This party barrel is ideal for parties, picnics, and special events. Holds approx. 163 12 oz cans.

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